W.E. Are Enough

Sick to death of anxiety? Fed up with depression? Fear not, for TheSciFiBard is here to give mental healthcare professionals a good old grilling on your behalf. Along with interviews there'll be virtual hugs, motivational moments, the odd chuckle and probably numerous shameless Wynonna Earp references, because she's making it her mission to help fellow intrepid Earpers as they stumble their way through the everyday minefield of mental health.

Episode List

  • Ep1: The Angela Cart
    An introduction to your host and the concept of the W.E. Are Enough podcasts.
    Ep2: Anxiety: The Dr & The Agoraphobic Travel Agent
    TheSciFiBard talks with an experienced Doctor & a close friend to grill them all about the topic of anxiety - what it is, how it’s treated & how to cope & live with it.

Got a question about mental health? Like something discussed on the podcast? Offering to come on the show as an expert etc? Drop me a line with our dedicated podcast email thescifibard@lightyearsandunicorns.com.

Mental Health Resources

If you are currently grieving, or even just questioning life and your place in it, The Secret Life of Waves may be of interest to you. It starts as a straightforward BBC science documentary but eventually turns into a deep and profound meditation on life and our place in it as human beings. I really can not recommend it highly enough.